DO YOU too find our partisan squabbling politicos tedious, predictable and insulting to the little intelligence they seem to assume we possess?

Aren’t politician’s directly or indirectly merely servants of the one per cent? MPs, councillors, bishops, lords and ladies – do we really need them?

Times have changed with the introduction of t’internet and all things touchy-feely technology-wise. Yet democracy is hamstrung by the same old clunky political and bureaucratic system formed centuries ago.

Centralisation is oh-so-yesterday but the political class refuses to let go.

Back in old Greece, democracy meant electing representatives by elites selecting black or white balls. Parliament has hardly changed as elitist MPs respond to a public school-like bell, rushing breathless to the chamber to vote, often clueless about what exactly.

We could represent ourselves through the collective will of proper democracy utilising minimal administrative facilitators and a regionalised high-tech system permitting citizens to vote on most local, national and international issues.

Chances are no ID cards, scandalous expenses, boom and bust, vanity projects, austerity, lack of homes, green taxes, pension robbery or pointless wars had we ditched our unrepresentative representatives for collective commonsense.

Tom Scaife, Manor Drive, York.