HAVING been involved in most sporting activities both on and off the field, it pains me to witness the antics of some professional football players displaying juvenile tendencies.

Can someone explain the significance of the yellow and or red card especially for what is considered a dangerous tackle?

By the same token after a teammate scores a goal, they are engulfed in adoration to the point of suffocation, leading possibly to injury sustained; and there is the habit of sliding on their knees along the pitch.

Is there not a case to answer for the benefit of fans, share holders, managers, etc, to curb such behaviour, to ensure an injury-free longevity for their services, instead of them spending most of their playing career on the reserve bench or treatment room?

They may not be thoroughbred racehorses but the “knackers” yard may still apply.

Kenneth Bowker, Vesper Walk, Huntington, York.