THERE has been much debate about introducing a 20mph limit. In the Hull Road area of York, we would consider it a blessing if we had an effective 30mph limit. It would make such a difference to the quality of life.

The noise pollution from cars zooming along at 50mph outside your door is beyond a dangerous nuisance; it also affects peace of mind.

In more regulated streets, residents would expect that outside of busy times there would be a reduction in noise. Not so in York, as less traffic means you drive faster – so fast that on a Sunday morning you can hear a car coming long before you can see it.

In this area we already have a 30mph limit on paper, but not in practice.

If we are unable to curb excessive speeding in parts of York then the responsible action for the council is to actively discourage cycling and warn people about traffic travelling at excessive speed.

Not to do so is unfair on children and the many visitors and students who believe they are safe to cycle.

Novice cyclists are so intimidated by aggressive driving that they take to the pathways. Not all cyclists are thrill-seeking junkies and the uninitiated can be overcome with fear when confronted with our indifference to road safety.

Try explaining to a visitor that York is a cycle friendly city and you will get a look of bewildered astonishment; unless they misheard and confused the word “cycle” with “psycho”.

K Anderson, Hull Road, York.