I HAVE just paid a £30 fine imposed by City of York Council for crossing Lendal Bridge, joining thousands of others who have incurred the wrath of York’s traffic restrictions.

As a visitor/tourist to the city, I have lost £30 and the city has gained £30, less the costs incurred (administration and fees from the Northampton-based collection company).

Along with past letter writers to The Press, I will endeavour not to return to York and will advise others to do the same.

I appealed against my penalty notice – it was turned down. The appeal rested on the fact that, as a visitor, I relied on the Visit York booklet map of the city.

This notes restrictions to traffic in the small streets of the city centre, but notes no such restrictions on Lendal Bridge.

One can only hope that this “cash cow” offsets the loss of revenue from the dip in numbers of future visitors to York, put off by the unwelcoming and dogmatic administration in the city.

David H Williams, Cardiff.