AS A LIFETIME resident and Conservative supporter, I am ashamed that yet again some Malton Conservative members, with a small number of executives, wish to de-select our MP.

Such unnecessary trouble has seen the membership fall from 1,500-plus to 560. The latest episode, will I fear, finally see a safe Conservative seat lost forever.

They dislike Anne because she is a woman; I say she is a woman of substance who works hard for our constituency, in spite of adverse and at times hostile criticism. Surely, it is a great honour to have an MP who chairs the Environment Of Food, and Rural Affairs Select Committee.

It has been said that the association deserves a better MP; do they mean more subservient and answerable to them?

Anne regularly attends Malton, and Thirsk auction marts, where local people, involved in agriculture, whatever their political persuasion, enjoy a friendly chat and a sandwich with her. Several local businesses have informed me of her valuable assistance when problems have arisen.

Call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up at a time when people gave praise for a job well done.

I do not presume to pressurise other members, but if Anne is voted out, I shall join the mass exodus from the association.

Eric Weightman, Sheriff Hutton, York.


• I HAVE been involved for many years with the local Conservative association and am chairman of Thirsk and Malton Conser-vative Association women’s committee.

We seem to be passing through the eye of a storm at present which I am sure will pass over with a positive result.

I have great difficulty recognising the comments I read in your pages about our current MP, Anne McIntosh. I have worked with Anne for years, firstly in 1997 when she was the Conservative candidate for the new Vale of York constituency and currently as the Member of Parliament for Thirsk and Malton.

There is no doubt she is a hardworking and effective MP throughout the constituency and I would urge all members of the association to support her in the ballot.

Suzanne Everett, Great Barugh, Malton.