ON CHRISTMAS DAY, after dinner, I was admitted to A&E at York Hospital with a suspected heart attack.

From the time of the 111 phone call, the call from the on-call doctor, the arrival of the paramedic and the arrival of the ambulance, the procedure was seamlessly efficient, with constant monitoring and care.

After assessment in A&E, I passed through a couple of wards and a heart attack was confirmed. Soon after, two separate operations were performed to insert stents in two coronary arteries. During the 12 days spent in the wards, the treatment received from the staff at all levels can only be described as stunningly excellent.

The food was varied and pleasantly served with special diets readily catered for. Cleanliness was at high level.

I am now in the process of several months recovering at home. Many thanks to all at York Hospital.

J Beisly, Osprey Close, York.