IN A few days, members of Thirsk and Malton Conservatives will decide whether or not Anne McIntosh should be readopted as the candidate for this constituency in 2015.

Party rules bar association officers from stating the case against re-adoption. But as concerned ordinary members, we are free to speak out — and we will not be voting for Miss McIntosh next week for three reasons.

First, we believe Thirsk and Malton deserves a more effective MP. Many constituents feel Miss McIntosh’s responses on issues raised with her have fallen short of what they expected. Her media profile leads people to believe she is a tirelessly active constituency MP, but closer scrutiny suggests her profile has far more to do with her role on a Westminster select committee rather than her efforts on behalf of constituents.

Secondly, in the 2009 de-selection meeting Miss McIntosh made important promises. She said she would establish a presence in the association office to improve communication. Although she later employed a part-time local aide, he is not allowed to communicate in any useful way with officers and other volunteers.

Finally, we believe it is untenable to have an MP who cannot work with her local party.

George Winn-Darley, Buttercrambe.

Victor Buchanan, Pickering.