YOUR photograph highlighting King’s Square as a European-style open piazza and, quote, “a world-class space” is already out of date. The clutter has returned.

Plonked beside a tree is an enormous eco-waste solar compactor, which could be tucked into the recess alongside the postbox and telephone booths.

Chocolate Story obstacles are trotted out daily: two A-boards, three pavement banners and a tricycle which deserves a ticket.

Three varnished wooden benches have been installed. However, the workmanship securing them is shoddy. Some retaining bolts are not vertical, others have ill-fitting washers, and the rest have no washers.

Current surfaces are many and varied. Apart from the inappropriate modern flagstones and setts, remains of the former cart track are there, along with York stone, and, yes, Tarmac. It’s a dog’s dinner.

Residents lament the loss of this cart track, notwithstanding Darren Richardson’s weasel words – “Cobbles to stay” (The Press, September 26) and Michelle Wyatt’s 2,300 signatures supporting her petition to “Save the cobbles” (The Press, December 12).

Owning a commercial property in neighbouring Grape Lane, I’m terrified Coun Dave Merrett will uproot this cart track too. Reinvigorate York and the council lost the plot in King’s Square and I fear for their next project – Duncombe Place.

Geoffrey Widdows, East Mount Road, York.