I KNEW my letter referring to Gavin Aitchison’s “Demonising The Poor” column would result in derogatory comments on the Press website but this time I really have touched a raw nerve.

The usual trolls are getting very agitated.

The ever-predictable Buzz Lightyear claims my letter was intended to further my own political ends. Strange because I didn’t know I had political ambitions.

Having already collected my bus pass it is a bit late for a career change and I have no desire to climb that greasy pole. Interestingly, however, a number of people have asked me to stand as an independent because they are fed up with traditional party politics.

For the record I again point out the following:

I am not, and never have been, a politician;

I am not, and never have been, a member or active supporter of any political party;

I do not subscribe to any political doctrine;

I am a free thinker and consider all issues on an individual basis;

I make all my comments openly under my own name and I do not hide behind pseudonyms;

I make my own mind up about issues and I tell it like it is.

Matthew Laverack, Lord Mayor’s Walk, York.