HOW on earth can Sean McClarron say that "fox hunting was never about killing for fun, it was a balanced method of wildlife management" (The Press, January 2).

If that is so, how about the disgusting practice of “blooding” small children after an animal has been torn to bits? Fox hunting is no different to any other form of hunting – living animals shot or speared in order to decorate homes, or animals killed so that women can wear real fur. That said, perhaps foxes also kill for fun. I volunteer at a retirement home where tiny chicks are reared for the interest of the residents.

The last three remaining hens were housed in a spacious pen where they were well cared for and admired.

Over the holiday, a fox managed to enter the home and killed all three hens in a most ghastly way. If I had been around I would have happily killed the fox with my bare hands or any available weapon.

I was sad to think of what they went through.

However, I could never condone killing in the name of sport, and that is what fox hunting is, however it is dressed up. Long may the ban last.

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.