WHILE it would be impossible for the supermarkets and frozen-food suppliers to recompense consumers caught up in the horsemeat rumpus, there could be a way ahead.

Farmers have long had their profits on fresh veg, fruit, milk and meat screwed down by the frozen food producers and supermarkets.

However, those self-same suppliers/supermarkets charge top prices under the guise of this food being best British produce, etc.

To show how seriously the supermarkets take this embarrassing episode, why don’t they award the hard-pressed beef producers an award of, say, £1,000 each?

This payment, while not an admission of guilt by the supermarkets, would show some contrition on their part at being unwittingly involved in this scam.

Such a payment might be better appreciated by the British public than the full-page adverts some supermarkets are investing in to prove how good their products really are.

Fair play and honesty still go a long way with British people and such payments would help restore faith in the supermarkets.

Philip Roe, Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge, York.