BEN YOUNG distorts the truth (Letters, February 26).

After the San Remo Conference of 1922, article 22 of the convention setting up the League of Nations, Palestine was entrusted to Britain “as a sacred trust of civilisation” for “the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people”.

This was a binding resolution with the force of international law. Britain partitioned the land into the Palestine Kingdom of Jordan and the rest, now known as Palestine.

The Jews were given the right to set up a homeland throughout all Palestine and these rights have never been rescinded. The Jews proposed one country for all, but the Arabs rejected this proposal.

Palestine has never been an Arab nation or designated to be one. The 1967 borders are not legally defined, but are simply the ceasefire line.

UN Security Council resolution 242 does not set any borders and says they should be set when Israel and her Arab neighbours make peace. As the Arabs have no intention of ever making peace, Israel is morally entitled to hold the ground she has.

The territory Israel recovered in 1967 was never legally the territory of any Arab state. It was legally designated for a Jewish national homeland.

Ken Barnes, North View, Catterton.