TERRY SMITH’S response (Letters, February 25) to my letter about Julia Mulligan’s decision to re-advertise the post of chief constable is an overtly political promotion of his view of her suitability as North Yorkshire PCC and reinforces my concern about the whole principle of electing an “independent” PCC.

He seeks to persuade us that Julia Mulligan is the ”right person” for the job and, of course, nearly eight per cent of the electorate agreed with him.

Ian Yates, Naburn, York.


• WITH regards to the criticism of Julia Mulligan, the police and crime commissioner, people seem to have short memories of the ‘goings on’ when we had a police authority under Jane Kenyon.

We had chief constable Della Cannings’ £20,000-plus shower and, lest we forget, the top-of-the-range cars for senior police officers for personal use.

Julia Mulligan is putting a stop to all this. I believe the reason that she has advertised the post of chief constable is simply because the present candidates are all part of the old guard.

Every day I witness criminal acts, but I’ve long given up bothering to report them to the police because when they just say “there’s nothing we can do”.

Commissioner Mulligan is aiming to put a stop to this attitude and the police don’t like it, especially the overpaid senior officers.

Commissioner Mulligan got my vote and will do so again, along with my fullest support.

KS Chapman, Crossways Crescent, Harrogate.