HERE is a list of my pet hates.

No 1. People who buy houses in the suburbs then grub out their front gardens and pave or gravel them over, destroying the green ribbon on each side of the road – the very reason most of most of us moved there in the first place. There is no need to grub up all whole garden. The council should make those responsible put an area of garden back and plant trees or shrubs.

No 2. Why should people who work at the Minster Library be allowed to park on what used to be a lovely green space? Every year there are more cars parked, destroying an historic setting. Why can’t these people use Park&Ride like other city workers and reinstate the area?

No 3. Why do we have to put up with bright cream caravans on what used to be a nice green field next to a pleasant wood down a peaceful country lane at Naburn? It won’t bother Selby District councillors as they don’t live in the area.

Well, there you have it, a few pet hates.

T Chilton, Danum Drive, Fulford, York.