FIRSTLY, I must correct Sue Cooke (“York and Leicester should go ‘shares’”, February 15). Richard III was born at Fotheringhay Castle in Northamptonshire. He was no more a Yorkshireman than I am and I have lived in God’s own country for more than his total life of 33 years.

Secondly, he was created Duke of Gloucester, so perhaps that city should make a ‘bid’ for his reburial.

Thirdly, of his 23 successors, ten have been buried in Westminster Abbey and eight in St George’s Chapel, Windsor (where his brother Edward IV is buried), so they might as well ‘bid’.

Putting my head above the parapet, I say, bearing in mind his alleged complicity in the “Princes in the Tower” episode, leave him in Leicester.

Roger King, Haxby, York.


• AS A citizen of York with family roots here, I wholeheartedly support Sandra Wadley’s letter about our King Richard III (Letters, February 15).

The attitude of the Dean and Chapter disgusts me. Why don’t they want Richard buried in York Minster? Why is the very vocal Archbishop of York so mute on this issue? Who are the higher authority to the Dean and Chapter who can be appealed to?

Leicester University should receive all the recognition for finding his remains, despite the undignified way he was initially buried, and the Richard III Society fir being the movers behind his discovery.

Whatever law, church or otherwise, stands in the way it is unjust and must be adjusted. Richard was King, anointed and crowned before God. The Dean and Chapter of York Minster should show Richard III respect and Christian compassion and allow him to be buried in York Minster in the midst of the people who today still care and cherish him.

Pamela Penney, Chelwood Walk, York.


• FOR a number of years in York there has been a dedicated group of Ricardians known as The Society of Friends of King Richard III.

This determined, merry band has over the years had a commemorative plaque to Richard put in the Minster grounds in Dean Park; through many fundraising events, a window to Richard was installed in the Minster, two silver goblets and a silver dirge were presented to the Minster in memory of Richard. How can the Minster say no to his being buried or interred there?

Richard III was a king of England and his request was to be buried in York at the Minster.

In this modern day where respect and honour seem to be things of the past, we should respect and honour the wishes of a king and put him to rest in York where he belongs.

Maralyn Lacy, Usher Park Road, Haxby, York.