GAY marriage is looming and this has stirred many reactions. Traditionalists insist this will undermine what marriage stands for, but will it really?

Half of all couples live together nowadays as they don’t believe in marriage, of those who do marry, half will divorce. There are marriages of convenience, sham marriages and open marriages where couples allow each other to see other people, no strings attached. Some people freely admit to being swingers.

Many married people have affairs with members of their own or opposite sex, sometimes resulting in pregnancy. A friend of mine was adopted as his married mother’s husband was not his father. I also know a married mother of two having an extra marital affair with another woman, yet her husband stands by her.

Traditionalists should think again before stating that gay marriage will undermine the meaning of marriage. Marriage vows mean little to most people, quite clearly.

Robert Brown, Eastward Avenue, Fulford, York.


• THE vote on equal marriage showed how far we have come as a country. It would be foolish to forget the amazing people who have fought for such equality.

All those people who have been wronged on the way such as Alan Turing, or those brave people who took part in the first gay rights march. It is important to note that this positive vote on equal marriage is merely a step to a more equal society.

The fact that we are only on the way to equality can be seen in most schools around the country. Despite fantastic efforts by Stonewall, the word ‘gay’ is still used as an insult and in some cases even worse can be used.

Only at the start of this month was it published that a 16-year-old may have committed suicide due to two years of harassment over his sexuality.

It is time more was done; not a police state controlling what people can and cannot say, but informing students that it does not matter about an individual’s sexuality as we are equal.

Another area of issue is football. Is it time that we see Government put pressure on the FA to stamp out racism and homophobic abuse.

Daniel Wrigglesworth, Heworth, York.