I AM concerned about what appears to be ‘patchy’ repair work that has been done in the King’s Square/Shambles area.

I realise that repair work does have to take place, but I was also under the impression that this part of York was in a conservation and heritage area.

So I would have thought that when repairs had been made the surface area would be restored to what it was previously.

For some reason, this does not appear to be the case in this area as I saw two largish areas of ‘patchy’ bitumen where there should have been cobbles and stones.

Perhaps this is only a temporary repair and once the work is finished the cobbles and stones will be returned.

This area of the city is probably the most visited in York and one which I feel sure should be treated with the respect, care and attention that it deserves.

I do hope someone can assure me that it is intended to return the cobbles and stone pathways to what they were like previously and not leave them in this patchy and uncharacteristic mess.

Dee Boyle, Howard Link, York.