I REFER to Dennis Barton’s letter of February 16 in which he requested me to give my reasons for supporting a freeze in council tax.

In the unlikely eventuality that Labour members defy the whip and their leader Coun James Alexander’s politically motivated budget, we will see the benefits with no increase in council tax and yet we will enjoy more basic services protected, while cutting vanity projects and unnecessary spending.

Full details of the amendment are being finalised with the council’s finance director, who will confirm the amendment to be entirely valid and a genuine choice.

By freezing council tax, York will receive several hundred thousand pounds from a government grant, which is more money for the economy of York.

Furthermore, by freezing council tax it will mean more money in the pockets of York residents to spend. In a nutshell, we want to look after the most vulnerable and protect key council services but ultimately we trust York’s residents more to best know how to spend their money for the greater good than Coun Alexander.

Coun Chris Steward (Conservative), Rural West York.