THERE is an obvious irony in Julia Mulligan’s decision to readvertise the chief constable post to ensure “the best possible person” is recruited.

This option was denied the voters in the November election for a police and crime commissioner.

Equally, if the electorate can be trusted to choose a PCC, cannot the same principle apply to the applicants for the chief constable role?

Ian Yates, Naburn, York.

• SO THE post for chief constable is to be re-advertised. What a waste of money. I think the crime commissioner’s job needs to be re-advertised.

Tim Madgewick is well respected within the force and with the general public. If the commissioner cannot see he is the man for the job, then she shouldn’t be in the position she is.

The commissioner said she needs to be sure she appoints the right man. Well he is already temporary chief constable.

In my book the election for police and crime commissioner was nothing but a farce and this commissioner wasn’t really voted in by the general public because the turnout was so low.

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