COUNCIL TAX in Selby is reported to be frozen again for the third year running.

If Selby can afford not to increase council tax, why is it that we in York will see our council tax increased for another year?

If Selby can make savings, what is matter with City of York Council?

Since this Labour Council came into power we have had nothing but increases.

Tom Mitchell, Mendip Close, Huntington, York.

• IN THESE difficult times we are being asked to cut back on spending, a sentiment from which our leaders have obviously exempted themselves.

Tens of thousands of pounds are spent on outside consultants when taxpayers are already funding the inflated salaries of supposed in-house experts.

Substantial sums of money are now to be wasted on a 20mph limit and an Arts Barge.

To cap it all, there is the opulence of the new council HQ. No expense spared there, of course.

Just as our esteemed leader refuses to wear the traditional regalia of his office, perhaps taxpayers should similarly decline to pay the increase in council tax.

A Burrows, Slingsby Grove, Dringhouses, York.