WHAT happened to the march of super-fast broadband technology we are supposed to be experiencing?

In my village just outside York, if I’m lucky I might get about 1 Mb. For this I’m paying line rental of £15.45 a month for the honour of two copper wires entering my house – £185.40 a year. That’s before we start with broadband or phone calls.

It’s very strange that there never seems to be any criticism of BT by our politicians, but they have never been slow to bash the BBC about the licence fee at every opportunity? Now I have worked as a contributor with the BBC for nearly five decades and can’t help but notice that the fee of £145.50 includes service of 12 national television channels, ten regional, three channels for Online, iPlayer and mobile, and 15 national radio stations plus 40 local stations.

Now I know I’m biased but I feel I’m very short changed with my two copper wires poking through the floorboards. My village is only 2.5 miles from the BT Dringhouses exchange but there might as well be a range of Swiss mountains between us.

Keith Massey, Mill Lane, Acaster Malbis, York.