IN RESPONSE to John and Bernice Fielding (Letters, February 5), I take exception to their flippant comments. If they cared to investigate the Folly Wood site at Huby, they would see that it would be wholly inappropriate to hold a festival there.

The reasons include:

1. Only one single access point to the festival on the bend of a country road;

2. A large outdoor pig breeding unit within 20 metres of the proposed main stage;

3. Old shire horses within 20 metres of the event;

4. Residential properties within 50 metres of the event;

5. No hard standing;

6. No footpaths leading to the site;

7. Designated parking and camping in fields surrounding residents’ properties;

8. 7,000 people need to cross the road to get into the site, in turn this will lead to traffic control measures and possible road closures;

9. Land owners have had their land assigned to the festival plans without consent;

10. Folly Wood is a bog in winter and a potential tinder-box in summer.

These are a few of the issues Huby residents have, besides the noise and light pollution. I believe neither Huby nor Rawcliffe want this event, as both appear to be unsuitable to hold a festival of this size.

John Richardson, Easingwold Road, Huby.


• I THINK that the Galtres Festival should not be allowed to be held on the proposed site of Rawcliffe Country Park.

The Park&Ride is a great asset to York and will be really busy with visitors intending to go into York centre on August Bank Holiday weekend. The numbers of vehicles attending the festival would have a huge impact on traffic. This event should be held in a more rural area (where it has been held in previous years).

The A1237 is gridlocked most days so the extra traffic this event will create will be an absolute nightmare. There is also the matter of residents having to put up with the noise that will be created until midnight each night.

My son and his family have attended this event over the last few years but he says the Rawcliffe site is not suitable at all.

I hope the organiser will listen to residents who do not want this event on their doorstep.

Barbara Ross, Howard Link, Rawcliffe, York.


• HAVING enjoyed Galtres Festival, I can vouch for its success – within the right environment.

My concern is connected with the proposed shift to Rawcliffe Country Park. I observe the area while walking my dog and commuting.

The proposed hosting of the festival concerns me on many levels:

State of the land post-event – the site was used for the firework night last year. Four months on, nothing has been done by the council to improve the mess. This park is for use by families and dog walkers. However, since the event the area is a disgrace. If the ground was used for three days later this year, it would be ruined for good

Traffic – at most times of day Shipton Road is gridlocked.  If you have 7,000 people descending on the area, people who live there will not be able to leave their homes

Loud noise – there are residences within 50 yards of the site in what is a family area. The music is proposed to finish at midnight

Drunk and disorderly – it is inevitable that at a beer and cider event some will enjoy themselves a little too much.

Camping – if guests are staying for three days, this leaves even more mess, debris and damage.

Please do not bring this event to Rawcliffe. It works well in the countryside where there is more space and arable land that can be more easily repaired.

Adam Bilton Rawcliffe, York.