YOUR correspondents seem to have got the wrong end of the stick about Galtres.

Neil Raw (Letters, February 5) states that Galtres Festival will be held in what is essentially a residential area – actually the proposal is to hold a family festival in a country park.

The festival has taken place peacefully in Crayke for four years. If it is to move closer to the city, there will have to be similar efforts and commitments to Rawcliffe residents.

I feel those who worry about hordes of hooligans descending don’t understand what Galtres is about.

We are not talking about a mini-Leeds Festival. Galtres is a family event. Yes, the bars sell beer and cider, but there is no spirit bar and drunkenness is very unusual and managed swiftly and efficiently by excellent stewarding.

Traffic management was complex on the Crayke site and with the exception of a couple of misunderstandings the traffic management team bought in last year did an excellent job.

Sound is always going to be an issue, but local authority regulations are very strict.

I’d like to ask people who are worried about the festival arriving in ‘their back yard’ to trust the expertise of these people and the goodwill of a brilliant event which, in the words of The Guardian “achieved by a collective vision, detailed planning and organisation and nigh on perfect execution”.

David Howard, Jennifer Grove, York.