The story headlined “Fury at £286K travellers’ site extra cost” (The Press, February 7) is likely to make many people furious, including the travellers.

If we are to believe the council spokeswoman and assume that the extra cost will be met from the income generated from the six extra pitches, each pitch has to generate more than £47,500.

Assistant director of housing Steve Waddington shouldn’t assume anything in these matters – he should provide open and accurate information and allow people to respond.

After the Labour-controlled council has closed the Beckfield Lane skip site to save money and now wants to charge us for taking away green waste, I think we are entitled to know more about how money is been wasted.

If the council approve a charge for green waste removal, I will not pay it while the council wastes money elsewhere and try to keep it hidden from scrutiny.

Perhaps the council could let us know the average net return per year for the existing travellers’ pitches, just to show how and over what period we will see a return on the £47,500 per pitch noted in this latest scheme.

Philip Sunley, Paddock Way, York.