I WAS interested to read Andrew Hitchon’s column on February 5 because it mentioned two junctions with which I am very familiar.

My experience at the Budgen’s junction is that the main culprits are buses and taxis. I have contacted First on several occasions to report particular buses and also the council with regard to the phasing of the lights, but without success.

With regard to the Micklegate Bar junction, pedestrians are simply not allocated sufficient time to cross.

Another problem is the tendency for traffic from Queen Street to jump the lights, again primarily buses, thus eating into the time allocated to traffic exiting Micklegate and on occasions blocking the junction.

The bus stops on Blossom Street outside the Bar Convent do not help.

The sooner York gets a bus station, the better.

If the railway station car park were to be used, buses could easily get in by going past the back of the council offices and under Queen Street. Far cheaper than the suggestion that Queen Street is rebuilt to accommodate it.

This could also do away with the bus stops in the one-way system at Station Road and Station Avenue, which hinder the smooth flow of traffic.

K Page, Gale Lane, Acomb, York.