BEFORE the residents of Welland Rise rise up to throw me off the top of the Minster, I would like to say that I have no axe to grind with The Pauper Kings (Letters, February 1). I’ve looked at their website and I’m sure they’re a group of decent young men who play their type of music very well.

In fact, we have something in common – we’ve both played at Wembley Arena.

What I would like to point out is that when you are 100ft up a medieval bell tower, it is very difficult to know what is going on down below.

Modern sound equipment is so good that it is almost impossible to distinguish between live and recorded music.

I couldn’t see what was happening on the stage and we hadn’t been given any information about the event. Perhaps on a future occasion Mr Dixon Smith and Ms Macintosh could hold up placards to let me know what’s happening down below.

Dr John Ridgeway-Wood, Darnborough Street, York.