I SEE the killjoys are protesting at the York Wheel again.

I happen to know that at least one objector does not and has never lived in the Westgate building, or anywhere near that area. The so-called objection is more to do with maintaining the premium rental income. As for the wind whistling through the wheel causing sleepless nights, considering the location of this building, on a main road, next to an all night-mail depot and within spitting distance of a main railway station, I worry that the double-glazing is not fit for purpose. To avoid prying eyes into one’s bedroom, could I suggest curtains.

Let’s hope also that the very excellent Galtres beer and music festival can overcome the usual negative objectors should they wish to use Rawcliffe Park. These things should be encouraged, not refused to satisfy the whims of a minority.

Charlie Stone, Southolme Drive, York.


• SO some neighbours oppose the big wheel extension (The Press, February 2).

People living in the apartments don’t like the wheel, which they say causes constant intrusion to those who live there.

One person says that not everybody enjoys being observed in their own homes.

I can appreciate that, but the wheel has to go somewhere. It’s a tourist attraction which needs to be saved until September at least.

Surely not everybody living in the apartments is affected.

Tom Mitchell, Mendip Close, Huntington, York.