IF WE were able to attract Galtres Festival to York, any inconvenience would be outweighed by the benefits.

Somerset County Council found that Glastonbury Festival injected £73 million into the economy. The local parish of Pilton also benefited by gaining funds for improvements and facilities; Rawcliffe would do the same.

The average spend per person attending Glastonbury was £293.24, so based on this a festival at Rawcliffe could net £2 million. Some of the proceeds would be donated to charity.

The proposed site would fill the B&Bs and hotels in York. Families would make the festival part of a longer holiday.

The inconvenience we in Rawcliffe would incur would be increased traffic on the day before and the day after. The sound levels from the site would be low; the practicality of running six stages at one time means the sound has to be kept down.

This was proved during the firework display last November. I live 50 metres from the site, but could not hear the music from within my home.

A petition organised against the festival being held in Rawcliffe seems not to be based on the real festival experience but a perception of one.

York would be lucky to attract such a respected festival. We must not allow this opportunity to slip though our fingers.

Tony Ireson, Ings View, York.