I WARMLY welcome The Press campaign on poverty, as poverty is increasing in our area.

More people than ever are affected by rising prices, government cuts and unemployment. These are problems for the whole of society. But often, people experiencing poverty are abused by politicians and in the media with terms such as ‘skivers’, ‘scroungers’, ‘chavs’ and ‘underclass’.

In these tough economic times, your paper can continue to play an important role by using appropriate language.

Your readers include people who are experiencing poverty. They need to be participants rather than objects. Let’s celebrate the tenacity and resilience of people who manage to get by and support their families in such challenging circumstances.

This week is the Action Week on homelessness and poverty, promoted by Church Action on Poverty; and it is noteworthy that the Christian community in York is playing its part in addressing these issues through initiatives such as the Restore housing association, the weekly meal provided by the Never Give Up group, the Besom project, the food bank at Gateway in Acomb, and other longstanding responses.

I should like to think that The Press campaign would have the wholehearted support of all people of goodwill, whether with a religious faith or not.

Keith Steven, South Bank Avenue, York.