I WAS greatly enlightened by the letter from Colin Hall on January 22. He blames the Tories for the financial crisis that is being experienced in York and in the Country generally. Many people foolishly blame it on Labour or possibly even on the global banking meltdown. How silly.

But now it is all clear to me. The Tories are responsible. They encouraged Gordon Brown to overspend, on everything from the Civil Service to benefits. They told the Bankers to take advantage of the lax controls in force (which they drew up and forced the then Government to implement) and many, many other policy catastrophes that I thought the last administration were responsible for. Following the logic through, I think that the Tories are also responsible for the recent cold weather, the chaos in the Middle East, the re-election of Putin, the extinction of the dinosaurs and the war in Afghanistan.

They also stole all the cash that was left when they took office, and then forged a note from Liam Byrne saying “I’m afraid there is no money”. All of these accusations are as logical and well thought out as the original one put forward by Mr Hall.

Gideon Visser, Stonegrave, York.