IN THE early 1970s, Europe was dangled as the answer to our economic survival. How very wrong we were.

Decimalisation was first, but when it was the EEC, companies were queuing up to relocate. So who has benefited by us being involved with the EU? Without any doubt, not ourselves.

But if the people were to consider the implications of our reverting to EEC status, it would be without a doubt to our benefit. Firstly we would save £50 million a day.

The sceptics would say we would be in isolation, but I doubt it. The truth is that there are other countries in our position, and I would argue the EU will end up France and Germany, but who else?

The question of the migrants would be answered and with it our economy.

But it has to be the people’s verdict that must count: vote out. After some 40 years involved in Europe, what have we got? A Europe so good they all want to be here.

P Richardson, Haxby, York.