I RECKON our good doctors in York and North Yorkshire have been given “the mucky end of the stick” in that they have to begin their new roll as holders of the purse strings with a massive deficit which is not of their making.

The need to save money could put doctors (always in the front line) in the position of being blamed for any short comings (real or imagined), when the blame belongs on the shoulders of the Government for their cuts and broken promises. The cuts will not stop as their policies are failing.

It will need patience and cooperation on our part as the new system begins to work simply because it is in our own best interests. We could help by attending appointments and warning receptions when an appointment cannot be filled; a list in our surgery tells us how expensive this can be every month.

If there is no obvious difference in NHS services in York, I will be highly delighted as all my visits to see the doctor, practice nurse and many departments of the hospital have been fruitful and without pain. I speak as I find. Thank you our NHS.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.