THE report headlined Selby’s Budget Battle (The Press, January 19) did not come as a surprise. However, I think it reinforces the dilemmas Selby District Council (SDC) has created for itself.

A proposed increase in the council tax of two per cent is only the beginning. On top of that there is a confirmed increase by Cliffe cum Lund parish council in their precept. Adding yet more misery is the proposal that SDC may be seeking to charge for emptying our green bins.

In July last year, SDC made it known that they were giving Selby Robins (football club) £750,000; why and what for? No one has seen fit to clarify the decision.

SDC hope to raise £560,000 by charging for green bin collections. Had they not gifted the Robins the £750,000 they could have funded the green bin collection and still been £190,000 in the black.

In the event that charges are introduced for green bin waste I would expect the take-up by residents to be small, thus increasing the actual fee charged to those who do sign up.

By definition SDC are saying green bin collections are free; doubtful. Having gone from weekly to fortnightly collections, where are the savings being spent?

David Rhodes, The Shrubberies, Cliffe, Selby.

• REGARDING the report in The Press on Monday, January 21 that the Selby development at the Olympia Park scheme has been delayed, this site has now been an eyesore for many years.

I do hope that all concerned with developing this site realise the importance of this scheme being sorted out.

Selby is a lovely town with much to be proud of, but anyone coming in on the A19 past the BOCM site will not get a good impression of Selby.

Norman Patrick, Holmes Way, Skipwith, Selby.