MR WYNN asked “Why clear trees?” (Letters, January 23) and wonders about the true cost and value of removing them in York.

Other recent trees removed or damaged include Museum Gardens, horses eating trees in Askham Bryan on a roundabout, and the A59 road new bendy bus route and at Water End near River Ouse/Leeman Road.

Treemendous York, a volunteer group supported by and working with the council, aims to plant trees and appreciates trees have to be removed, but at what cost of replacement? This cost should be built into the funding of any development scheme.

Without a tree strategy there is no consideration of the value trees provide. Planting more trees reduces air pollution, helps flood defences, mitigates against climate change, improves the landscape, increases property values and is good for wellbeing.

York needs a tree strategy and to include in it an asset management approach, a method for managing trees as public assets rather than liabilities, because the true value of a mature tree could be about £15,000.

The city still has no green infrastructure strategy or tree strategy– that should be built into the local plan.

City of York does not have a user-friendly mapping method and therefore no effective plan to plant, manage, monitor or control trees in York.

For information about Treemendous York phone 01904 551474 or email

Barry Otley, Wheatland’s Educational Community Woodland, Vice-chair, Treemendous York, Hessay, York.