I AM a huge fan of Mrs Brown’s Boys (Letters, January 23) and I thought the Christmas show hilarious.

I am a Catholic, as are a lot of people in Ireland where the series is made. If it offends you so much, there is always the off-button.

Compared to a lot of “alternative” comedy shown on other channels, this is very mild, but very funny. Long live Mrs Brown.

Mrs H M Ward, Yarburgh Way, Badger Hill, York.

• HAVING read D Hudson’s letter regarding Mrs Brown Boys, what did they think this programme was about – an offshoot of Stars on Sunday or maybe a television programme written by Louisa M Allcott?

I agree this programme is close to the knuckle, but it also can be very amusing.

In this day and age we need a good laugh. For goodness sake, D Hudson – calm down or hit the off-button off your TV.

Carol Mitchell, West Nooks, Haxby.

• I WATCHED the programme this week, not because I enjoy it but to count the Fs and Fecks.

Would you believe there were 34 in total which amounts to more than one a minute?

Haven’t a clue what they were talking about as I was too busy counting.

Helen Barton, Upper Dunsforth, York.

• I AM an atheist, but this doesn’t alter my opinion that anyone who finds the Christmas edition of Mrs Brown’s Boys offensive must, on the one hand, have no sense of humour, and on the other, have a pretty rickety Christian faith if it is so easily threatened by such a funny show.

As I said, I do not believe in God, but if I did, it would take more than a comedy show to shake my faith, or leave me upset by jokes that please millions.

D McTernan, Fossway, York.

• I REFER to your letter from D Hudson. The reason why you see no letter of complaint is that Mrs Brown’s Boys is not offensive to all Christians. It is a comedy show awarded the NTA Award on January 23 in the category of situation comedy.

This award was voted for by the general public and I cannot, for any reason think that anyone believing in Christianity (one who believes in one God) voted for it.

There are many TV programmes I do not want to watch or do not like, so I do the obvious and either turn over or turn off.

Please, get a life or at least a remote control.

Michael Clark, Byward Dive, Scarborough.

• IF D Hudson is so offended by this programme, why watch it? Just turn over. I find very funny myself.

P Smith, York.