THE media coverage given to Prince Harry’s return from Afghanistan is shocking and gives the impression that we have a one-man army.

Prince Harry has to be admired for what he has done, although he did serve in the safer environment of a heavily protected helicopter and did not face the dangers on the ground.

On his return, we are faced with full-page articles in the press and various documentaries on TV.

The media seems to have forgotten the hundreds of servicemen that have returned in the past, some of them in coffins.

It is disrespectful to them the way the press have covered Prince Harry’s return.

I might add that this is against his wishes. He has always wanted to be treated as just another serviceman and the media should have respected his wishes.

By doing these documentaries there is a chance that Prince Harry may become more of a target for terrorist attacks because of the admissions he made.

AP Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.