I READ with interest Coun Fraser’s letter about the Taxpayers’ Alliance protest against York’s Labour cabinet planning to raise council tax.

The protest was cancelled due to the weather, like many other events around that time.

Coun Fraser’s ignorance of this fact is surprising given the snow-covered ground.

However, to conclude, based on there being no protest that it is “proof positive that they are merely a front organisation, funded by extremists who represent no one”, is ridiculous, even by Coun Fraser’s standards.

It is free to become a member of the alliance and there are no restrictions on who can join, although some would argue that as a member of one of York’s most wasteful ruling groups that has cut basic services while increasing allowances to Labour councillors, they may decline Coun Fraser’s application.

The alliance is not run by, or linked with the Conservative Party, but the fact that Coun Fraser assumes and insists that an organisation set up to get the best value for council taxpayers should be linked to the Conservatives is a great compliment to my party.

Coun Chris Steward, Conservative, Rural West York.

• AS always Coun Sandy Fraser’s letter relating to the Taxpayers Alliance demonstration reeks of the political dogma he is famous for (Letters, January 24).

Hints that they may be supported by the Conservative Party (Conservative is the correct name not Tory, Sandy) are typical of his tunnel vision.

Like him, I do not know who is behind the alliance, but I do know that we live in a democracy where freedom of speech is a right.

Sandy and his pals on the council have proved time and time again that they do not believe in transparency and like work in secret.

Are they now against freedom of speech as well or is it just their own bigoted views that are to be allowed by the York proletariat?

PS: The reason Coun Fraser found no supporters for this demonstration was that it had been cancelled because of inclement weather. He obviously did his research well.

Coun George Barton, Conservative, Wheldrake.