ALERTED to the intention of the Taxpayers’ Alliance to hold a demonstration outside York’s Guildhall, last Friday, through their Facebook posting, I turned up to see what these self-appointed campaigners looked like. Imagine my disappointment when, despite a police presence, absolutely no one appeared.

Clearly this is proof positive that they are merely a front organisation, funded by extremists who represent no one.

Despite them receiving disproportionate publicity for their countless press releases, mainly in right-wing newspapers acting as house journals for the Tory party (and sometimes even in The Press), the Taxpayers’ Alliance should be given no credence.

If they wish to be taken seriously, they should come clean and tell us how many paid-up members they have, where their funding comes from and who they really represent. After all, I am a taxpayer and nobody has ever asked me to join.

Coun Sandy Fraser (Labour), Micklegate Ward, Millfield Road, York.