HAVING been out to check all the salt bins in my ward last Thursday, I would like to thank residents.

The speed with which the bins have been emptied and footpaths gritted is a sign of the great community spirit in York and in Heworth Without in particular.

It is just a shame that the tools for this army of volunteers were denied for days due to the short-sighted thinking of the Labour council.

My first request for the bins to be refilled was refused on Monday, and it was not until Wednesday that officers relented and reversed the flawed policy.

As I have said repeatedly, all salt bins should have been checked and refilled before winter, or the council should have acted quickly to fill them when the predicted bad weather arrived.

With more severe weather on the way, I hope these bins continue to be filled as many now sit empty again.

I would also like to remind Labour cabinet members that winter is not a “contingency”; it happens every year. The council should have the ability to cope with it and help residents cope with it.

Coun Nigel Ayre (Lib Dem), Heworth without ward, Galtres Road, York.