I SEE Terry Smith (Letters, January 14) has again trotted out the usual Tory propaganda (also repeated over and over again at every Prime Minister’s Question Time) that the Coalition has given pensioners the biggest rise ever.

They omit to mention that the reason is that the cost of living got so high and pensions naturally follow that, and always have, and they always forget to mention the Coalition reduced pensions further by changing the RPI calculation to CPI.

When Terry tells us the Coalition has taken millions out of paying tax, does he include all those lower paid who do not pay tax or all the part-time workers of which there are so many more now?

Terry and the PM tell us that the Coalition has reduced the deficit by 25 per cent (good for them) but the national debt, which is rising at an alarming rate, is quietly not mentioned.

In fact, the PM turns every Prime Minister’s Question Time into an election broadcast by not answering questions and telling us what the opposition would do.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.