THERE are those who think perhaps England should have a referendum on whether we want Scotland to remain in the UK.

Likewise our European friends are showing signs of impatience with their whinging neighbour across the Channel and might start thinking of pre-empting any referendum in the UK by inviting us to leave.

Parts of the EU are a disaster – the auditors have refused to sign off the accounts for years because they are so bad, and the rules for joining the Euro were flouted so badly by Greece and others it has triggered a financial crisis.

But instead of politicians playing to the mob and always saying how awful it is, it would be nice to see some vision from our leaders.

A UK leader who started to argue for, rather than against, European integration might be able to influence the debate instead of being seen as a bore to ignore.

Clive Tiney, Towthorpe Road, Haxby, York.