A sorry situation

10:31am Thursday 17th January 2013

By Readers' letters

IT HAS never occurred to me before that your prolific contributors to the Letters page have to have permission from their families before they send in their words of wisdom (Sorry for my letter, January 16).

Does this mean AP Cox and so on “get it in the neck” on a weekly basis?

Helen Barton, Upper Dunsforth, York.

• I WAS surprised to see David Quarrie’s retraction of the views he expressed in his letter of the January 8. The letter contained nothing but the truth and almost everyone I speak to agrees.

The Government needs to urgently look at our immigration policies. Interestingly, just above Mr Quarrie’s letter of apology is one from Andrew Butler (Letters, January 16) which could be a blueprint for the Government.

In or out of the EU, we have to take back the power to decide who is and who is not allowed to settle here.

Gideon Visser, Stonegrave, York.


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