IN reply to Sam Deighton (Well done to all, Letters, January 10), firstly, and most importantly, you were in the middle of a residential area on New Year’s Eve.

There are many residents living in Duncombe Place and the nearby streets, as well as some 60 paying ‘residents’ in the hotel that night, all of whom were there not only to enjoy the best hospitality we can offer but also two or more days sightseeing and contributing to the York economy.

Their time in York culminated in the traditional spectacle outside the Minster of real bell ringers ringing in the New Year.

They were not here to have a rock band belting out throughout most of their dinner, then obscuring the hotel’s in-house disco and ruining this hitherto magical midnight moment.

All of this was preceded by loud sound checks from early evening when buildings shook and conversation was virtually impossible. The council officer responsible had to field several complaint calls from those who live in the area.

If Sam is so enamoured of this event, perhaps he would like to entice the council to stage it in Rawcliffe Drive next year.

David Brooks, General Manager, Dean Court Hotel, York.

• Editor’s note: In a letter from The Pauper Kings printed on January 8, the band pointed out they stopped playing before midnight, as arranged.