TO CORRECT Charles Rushton (Letters, January 7), I never called him dumb as his self-published alias (Mr Dumb) implied.

I said: “Robbing the poor to pay the rich is not justifiable or sensible, Mr Rushton. It’s dumb.”

Anyway it looks as though you have your wish, Mr Rushton, as the Tories, with help from Tory-Lite LibDems, have won their Parliamentary fight for draconian cuts to benefits.

We’re all in this together? I don’t think so, as George Osborne does Robin Hood in reverse by robbing the poor to pay the rich.

Presumably the wealthy will pay their way as conversely the Tories have awarded thousands of millionaires tax cuts of over £100,000 each, every year from April.

Your chest must heave with pride, Mr Rushton, at the Tories’ shallow victory against penniless, dastardly scroungers as austerity marches forth in all its glory.

Tom Scaife, Manor Drive, York.