I WRITE in response to the welcome news from the Department of Health that York is to receive a ten per cent increase in public health funding for 2013/2014 and a further ten per cent increase in 2014/2015.

I thought we might have heard a favourable comment from Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing and her Labour group on City of York Council – or nothing at all if they are such a bitter assembly of souls that they resent giving compliments when they are due. Instead she attacks this as “not enough”.

While we would all like to see an infinite figure to end health inequalities, these are major steps in the right direction and will target the areas of most need.

These substantial increases are way in excess of those allocated under the previous Labour Government, which had 13 years to address any perceived shortfalls.

This is positive action from the Government and the allocations awarded to York were on advice from an independent body.

Can we please have some dignified, honest politics from the Labour group in future?

Coun Paul Doughty, Conservative, Strensall ward, City of York Council.