THE decision by the Prime Minister to provide logistic assistance for French troops to Mali where fighting is taking place against terrorists and supporters, raises concerns that Britain might be lured into another long-term conflict alleged to be in the interest of this country and others’ protection from terrorism.

In Parliament the minister concerned assured MPs that British troops will not be deployed in support of the French operation. Even so, technical crews travel with the two transport aircraft.

This country must not again be involved into another distant fight against terrorists which has no end in sight.

Terrorism today which could be considered likely be a threat to the Britain and others could raise itself in many other places anytime. We must not be lured into battle every time the hint arises.

J Beisly, Osprey Close, York.

• AS FRANCE obeys the US/Africom policy assigned to it as the latest step in the recolonisation of Africa and as our ridiculously misnamed “defence” forces join this act of aggression, the BBC is able to pass off the whole obscenity as a need to contain “Islam”.

So effectively has the current atmosphere of Islamophobia been propagated that the old al-Qaeda lie is no longer a prerequisite to war crimes.

This stupidity becomes even more profound when it can be plainly seen that NATO forces are preparing to intervene in Syria on behalf of “Islamist” rebels, has previously destroyed the purely secular state of Libya to empower an otherwise hopeless radical “Islamist” minority, and is even now arming the most extreme versions of that religion in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain as they seek ever more firepower to suppress their own citizens.

But Africa must be tamed; as Nigeria becomes an oil slick, Somalia and Sudan bombing ranges, the nations of the western coast puppets or slaves to Western financial intrigue, US foreign policy has little to fear from such supine allies as are to be found this side of the pond.

Roger Westmoreland, The Oval, Pocklington.