Oh no, they have started already, with some 18 months to go.

I refer to AP Cox’s letter of December 27 about the Tour de France visiting Yorkshire in 2014.

To have been given the honour to start one of the world’s biggest and most famous sporting events is a massive boost for Yorkshire.

True, there will be major disruption to travel, but let’s face it, this will only be for one day if York gets the honour of being chosen as a stage start or finish town.

Take the opportunity, Mr Cox, of enjoying the spectacle on the day Le Tour (hopefully) visits York.

I Wells, Howe Hill Road, Holgate, York.


• S SHEPHERD is right to point out the massive economic benefits of the Tour de France coming through York (Letters, December 31).

However, in response to AP Cox’s original anti-cycling/anti-Tour letter, I would point out that the cyclists in question will pass through in a jiff.

I’ll enjoy the Tour, but it is ironic that for every professional cyclist on the roads of York that day there will be possibly thousands of car journeys generated by visitors, press, teams and all kinds of fellow travellers.

To lump together cycle sport with everyday cyclists in York is far too simplistic.

Jim McGurn, Chief executive, Get Cycling CiC, Hospital Fields Road, York.