I MUST ask Gerald Haughton (Letters, December 31) – who could not get a First bus on Boxing Day – who he would get to operate the services, as no other company seemed to run that day.

I find it odd he only found out now. I worked for two companies in York and neither operated on Christmas, Boxing or New Year’s Day for at least the past 20 years and rightly so.

Workers fought to get these holidays – it is a pity shops cannot close for three days out of 365.

I laughed at the comment that “transport for York is constantly in the city council’s view”. It has been for the last ten or 15 years, but still cannot keep buses on time.

Yes, get someone else to operate the buses – but who will want to, with our traffic system?

K Whitehead, Sycamore Place, New Earswick, York.