I READ Chris Moncrieff’s column (The Press, January 2) with interest and then amazement.

In his final paragraph about never paying kidnappers or blackmailers because this would only increase these activities, he belittles the marvellous impact and importance of the Olympic Games to this country. How can he? He is right that the London Underground workers should not have received a penny.

But surely a better way would have been to sack them on the spot, as should happen to any group happy to bring the country to a standstill to satisfy their demands?

Some way could have been found to cover their jobs for a limited period.

Many people would have been only too happy to provide cover during these most important sporting events. No, Chris, you could not be more wrong. I am not sporting myself, but cannot express fully enough the admiration and wonder I felt all through these games. As long as we have the like of Bradley Wiggins riding his heart out for Britain, we can rest assured that this country can hold its head up against all comers.

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.