THE Biggest Party (The Press, January 2) – yes it was! But what a pity you had to run such a downbeat article to celebrate the start of the New Year. Well done City of York Council for bringing the York 800 celebrations to an end with their review of the year on the big screen. People sometimes complain that nothing happens on big occasions; but not this time.

Well done to the one band on that night, The Pauper Kings, who entertained an enthusiastic crowd superbly up to 11.55pm and then left things to the DJ.

Well done to the energetic drummer and DJ who stopped playing just before midnight so we could all enjoy the countdown to the New Year, hear the bells chime at midnight and hear the York Minster priest give a message of thanks to welcome the New Year.

The DJ restarted, but as we left at about 12.20am we could hear the Minster bells pealing away. Magical. I say again, well done City of York Council and everyone involved.

JH Bird, Haxby, York.